• action mail

    act on mails

  • bluefig

    input/output constrained device configuration through bluetooth

  • datasign

    single source of truth data specificator

  • defocus

    apophatic user content resolution

  • delog

    cloud service for centralized logging

  • den

    network relater

  • denatural

    field-oriented programming language

  • deon

    deobject notation format

  • deserve

    own your data with deserve

  • destream

    collaborative browsing

  • developer

    cloud service for centralized source processor

  • elementql

    query web elements

  • enhanced image

    custom web image element

  • enhanced video

    custom web video element

  • hypod

    cloud service for imagene registry

  • joiner

    multi/mono-repository task runner

  • keys

    keys meta-controller

  • loque

    object data locator, extractor, updater

  • manual

    software packages documentation

  • open company

    company management tools

  • performer

    cloud service for integrated software build/deployment pipeline

  • pluridoc

    write 3D-structured documents

  • plurimarks

    explore browser bookmarks as a 3D structure

  • pluristory

    explore browser history as a 3D structure

  • pluritab

    enhance browser's New Tab with a 3D space of tools

  • programmatic text

    client-side evaluation of user text based on user code

  • stringbase

    human-readable database based on deon

  • subcloud

    utilities for cloud services

  • viewer

    view files in a 3D space

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