answered (frequent) questions

what is plurid'?

plurid' is an open-sourced software package to generate 3D user interfaces

with plurid', information (text, image, video) becomes explorable as a 3D structure

who is plurid' for?

explorers of information; people who want to control their information space and flow

how to use plurid'?

plurid' can be used by anyone through the ∂products

anyone can use to assemble a new plurid' application, or a developer can implement plurid' in any new or existing application (get started)

why is plurid' called plurid'?

plurid' comes from the concatenation of pluri and dimensional

the apostrophe ' is a general mark that an entity is a plurid' link and also, in the case of plurid', marks the omission of imensional, as if it resides in the third dimension

where is plurid' plurid?

in the case of URLs and other sensitive fields, or for ease of use, plurid is preferred

why the lowercase?

a part aesthetic, part political decision; lowercasing feels more natural for non-sequential/non-planar stream of thought where the starts and ends are undiscernible · on the other, political hand, capitalization is a mark of authority, and the plurid machine is, if anything, an attempt of deauthoriality, where one's signifiers, in codes and words, can be crossed, overlaid, plurid' linked with others and others, having the speakers undiscernible to push the spoken to the forefront