collaborative browsing

destream is a browser extension for content creators to indirectly control web pages in their audience's browser, either live or as a destream session replay or through a linkage

the content creator installs the extension, creates an account, and registers as a streamer. the audience installs the extension and subscribes to the streamer. the streamer activates the extension on certain web pages and starts streaming events (plays audio/video, scrolls the page, reacts to media, etc.)

the audience receives a notification when the streamer wants to control a web page and accepts the streamer's control providing the adequate control granularity, allowing full or partial control

the streamer's events (pause/play/URL change/like and so on) are reproduced in the audience's browsers. the streamer never gets to see the actual web page of the audience, all they get to do is to interact with their own web page in their browser and stream the events

the streamer/audience can deactivate the web page control at any time and can replay previous sessions. the streamer can edit/delete completed sessions and they can be replayed accordingly

the streamer/audience can explore previous sessions on


the extension is free to use for the viewer


the streamer pays a monthly subscription based on the number of concurrent viewers or they can self-host a custom  destream server

around 10  concurrent viewersfree
around 100  concurrent viewers$20/month
around 1,000  concurrent viewers$100/month
around 10,000  concurrent viewers$1,000/month
around 100,000  concurrent viewers$10,000/month
around 1,000,000  concurrent viewers$100,000/month


destream can be used to link an arbitrary URL to a destream session allowing for off-stream replay, out-of-content advertisements, and other use cases

under 100,000 views/monthfree
above 100,000 views/month$10/month
above 1,000,000 views/month$50/month

any streaming subscription above $100/month includes the top-tier sessions subscription


$2,000 one time payment for the custom destream server URL registration

a custom destream server will only be used to broadcast the preferred publish/subscribe mechanism (self-hosted messager, AWS AppSync), however it will still rely on the plurid infrastructure for destream session management

contact in order to self-host the entire plurid cluster for $200,000 one time payment