adjust colors

adjust image colors

select text

select text from images

enhanced imagegithub

  • hover over the image
  • click the Enhanced Image Button enhanced near the right corner
  • click Get Text (the image text has already been extracted)
  • play with the Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Lightness
  • Share or Save the image
plurid explore information as a 3D structure


Add images to, or use the Enhanced Image Chrome browser extension to change colors, extract and select text of any image on the internet.



10 image transformations each month

30 days access to the general database

permanent access to your image transformations


access to the image transformations public database

$2.5 per month

paid yearly,
$30 per year

image transformations

one-time payment


100 image


subscription (includes ingress)

$7.5 per month

paid monthly
200 images per month
2,400 images per year
$90 per year
$0.0375 per image

$15 per month

paid yearly
500 images per month
6,000 images per year
$180 per year
$0.03 per image

$50 per month

paid yearly
2,000 images per month
24,000 images per year
$600 per year
$0.025 per image

An image transformation can be: image text extraction, image generation.